Who Are You?

When someone asked, “Who are you?”

They want you to tell them who you really are. This is really simple question, is it? Or is it not? On spur of moment, we start thinking how to come up with different answer for that rhetorical question? And sometimes we also come up with more than one ( like our twitter bio ) ..

“I am a Developer.”

“I am a Guitarist.”

“I am a Believer.”

“I am just a simple average man.”

It would be simple enough to respond with your name. But if the person wanted to know the entire story about who you are, the question would be more difficult to answer. You’d obviously have to give the details of your height, age, and weight. You’d also have to include all your sentiments and preferences, even the secret ones you’ve never shared with anyone – your affection for your loved ones; your desire to please the people you associate with; your dislike of your friend’s habit; your allegiance to your favorite beverage, brand of clothing, and music.

Your attitudes couldn’t be overlooked either – your impatience when an issue gets complex, your aversion to certain courses, your fear of high places and dogs and speaking in public. The list would go on. To be complete, it would have to include all your characteristics ; not only the physical but also the emotional and intellectual.

Defining yourself is a difficult process, whether you are writing a journal entry, answering an interview question, or trying to be happier and more fulfilled in your life. However, you must define who you are for yourself first before you can do it for another person. What exactly makes up a a person differs according to what philosophy you follow, but you can look at some basic parts of yourself to define who you are. For instance, you can define your skill set, your passions, your personality, and your values as a way of determining who you are.

To provide all that information would be quite a chore. But suppose the questioner was still curious and asked, “How did you get the way you are?” If your patience were not yet exhausted, chances are you’d answer something like this: “I’m this way because I choose to be, because I’ve considered other sentiments and preferences and attitudes and have made my selections. The ones I have chosen fit my style and personality best.” That answer is natural enough, and in part it’s true.

But in a larger sense, it’s not true. The impact of the world on all of us is much greater than most of us realize.





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