Urban Lights – Interactive Street Art

Urban Lights is a project that brings street art to life at night. Not only does art become animated, but it also becomes interactive allowing anyone to with a smart phone to play with it.

Urban Lights was developed for the web so that it can allow anyone with a smart phone to connect and play. All animations were built using Javascript and CSS, which are controlled from a web-page using WebSockets with Node.js, Socket.io, and GSAP. Since there was no internet in the location of the street art a portable wireless router (TP-Link TL-MR3020) was used to bridge a connection from people’s phones to the server once they connected to it. From there the visuals are animated on a separate web page which is then projected with Resolume using Syphoner.

The original artist who painted the mural is Vinni Alfonso (vincealfonso.com) and his work can be found in the allies of the RiNo Art District in Denver, CO.

Song: Radiohead – Reckoner (Nosaj Thing Remix)

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