The Seven Types of Motorcycle Rider

A completely new line of helmets brought a new kind of identity to motorcycle rider. Goal was to redesign the culture of the MCA brand and develop a brand new website as an informational way which illustrates the different stereotypes of motorcycle riders that have become popular over the past 7 years.

Attempt was to give a tidy touch with the left custom helmet / dot navigation and also the background “terrain” changes according to typical settings associated with that rider. This page was produced to celebrate a motorcycle clothing store’s 65 year anniversary. The company has a large Facebook following, so the piece was produced to engage with the company’s loyal customer base.

Fundamental idea for the respective page design was to showcase the different type of motorcycle helmets, including a humorous line about each type of helmet and the classic stereotype for that rider.

All helmets are bespoke illustrations and include a background showing their typical setting. Each slide has a bespoke title font to emphasize the style of helmet and rider too.

Motor Cycle Accessories Leicester Limited
Platform : Web, Mobile
Year : 2018

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