The Evolution of the Sports Bottle

A sports bottle made of squeezable metal, keeping your water pure, your equipment light and your eyes on the prize. Also with the clean taste and durability of metal bottles. First there was plastic bottles and metal bottles.

Now there’s KEEGO.  Made with elastic titanium. Keeping water fresh & clean. It is also very light and easy-to-use.

An inner surface of pure titanium protects your drink from being harmed by plastic, prevents mold and resists any kind of corrosion. It’s made to last. Never before has titanium been used in a squeezable sports bottle. It’s the end of plastic water.

The body of the bottle is a multi-layered construction. The titanium inside keeps your drink pure and healthy, while an outside of high-grade polymer ensures elasticity and good grip – both in your hands and your bike’s bottle cage.

There were certain challenges to design an online shopping website for the world’s first squeezable metal bottle. The centrally divided layout features the interactive ( press to squeeze ) product left and a scrolling right panel with all the information that user needs to know about the product.

Creation of new website and use of a marketing pages helped to strengthen the product fundraiser and successfully raised up to 863% funding.

Platform : E-Commerce, Web, Mobile
Year : 2018

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