Reinventing The Ride

The idea is based on the famous café racer culture and it’s tradition. Company goal is to create a modern day version of the cult cruiser bike and upgrade it to a smart high tech machine. The result is this unique bike that reinvents the cycling experience. The lightest & smartest electric Café racer in the World.

Noordung is a company based out of Slovenia, specializes in creating unique, handmade, urban electric bikes. It is officially a classic electric bike as per the EU directive, where the electric motor provides assistance while the rider pushes the pedals and where its top speed is limited to 25 kph.

Electric bikes are definitely the next big thing in the biking industry, especially in the segment of city bikes where, in contrast to recreational bikes, sweating is an unwanted side effect of its use.

Platform : Web, Mobile
Year : 2017

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