Milk and Blood

Portraits about Sudan’s civil war. It was the 20th century’s longest conflict, and one of its bloodiest. In 2005, the world brokered a peace agreement that concluded with the independence of South Sudan. Milk and Blood is a book about the making of South Sudan, unlike any book you’ve ever owned. Video, audio, long-form narrative, and stunning photography. 

Milk and Blood brings together three years of on the ground reporting by award-winning photographer Trevor Snapp and acclaimed journalist Alan Boswell.

At that juncture, requirement was to design a promotional landing page including iPad book that weaves together both textual and visual narratives in a seamless experience in which the story defines the medium. Intended to release the first part of the book in July 2012 and the final book in October 2012.

Responsible for designing and developing the landing page for the book launch and presentation. Addition to it, prepared target content for social media marketing campaign by sharing Milk and Blood on various social networking sites. Which helped to gain support for independent journalism.

Milk and Blood
Platform : Web, Digital Book, Social Campaign
Year : 2012

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