India at 70

Democracy and its trajectories : India at 70 was organized as a collaboration between the Department of Global Development and Planning at the University of Agder and the Department of Sociology at the University of Bergen. The symposium was part of the project towards a new research agenda which has been funded by Norwegian research Council (grant 230998).

A long scrolling colorful conference website with ton of illustrations and informational videos and images leading up to India at 70

To create respective content and creative visuals, there are lot of revisions has been done into this site. In addition to it, more than 35 references has been used to figure out a visual approach to the subject and create a website with deeper entry points ( such as list of speakers & videos ).

  • How to create a conference website without any photos or reference materials ?
  • How to dwell inside such a diverse topic such as 70 years of Indian democracy?

The biggest challenge was keeping academic clarity typography – wise and not getting tied to typical western stereotypes of India’s culture, while playing with different pieces of traditional Indian textiles to constitute a small sampling from a dynamic parade of unrelenting culture : the literal and metaphorical fabric of diverse Indian society.

University of Agder, University of Bergen
Platform : Web, Mobile
Year : 2018

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